Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Hypnotherapy: Listen to your inner voices.


Man: I’m here to look after you

Boy: I don’t trust you

Man: Why not? After all I am you.

Boy: I still don’t trust you.

Man: You can trust me, after all I am you and you are me. You can trust me. You can trust me because I love you.

Boy: Do you? Really? Prove that you love me.

Man: How would I do that?

Boy: Accept me as I am, not as you would like me to be.

Man: I do. I accept you exactly as you are.

Boy: I still don’t believe you.

Man: Why not?

Boy: Why should I? You abandoned me.

Man: That wasn’t me. That was just our life. The way it was back then.

Boy: So why don’t you learn form that and do something different? You have abandoned me.

Man: Did I? Maybe I did. I’m sorry. Really sorry.

Boy: It’s too late for that. Our time is nearly over.

Man: It is never too late to resolve ourselves. In fact that is all we can do with the time we’ve got.

Boy: What about all that poison you pour down my throat every night. I bet you’ll drown me again tonight.

Man: I’m so sorry. It’s not easy. I know that’s no excuse. But you have to remember it’s you that drowns me as much as I drown you.

Boy: Who’s the responsible adult here?

Man: I don’t know to be honest. Maybe you. Maybe me. Can we make a pact?

Boy: Maybe.
Man: I won’t drown you. I will look after you. I will try and protect you from me. In return will you forgive me and take away this guilt?

Boy: How will you look after me?

Man: I’ll set a timer on my phone to beep once an hour. Every time it goes off I will review what I’m doing and ask you if I’m looking after you ok. Check in with you. You can tell me how I’m doing.

Boy: OK. Every hour I will try and forgive you.

They shake hands.

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